You’ll find Shell in a number of places around the web, including on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. She’s also to be found on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, at AudioBoo and ThisIsMyJam.

However, please do not send Shell links via social network, links get lost and missed very easily. The best way to contact Shell is via email, but before you email PLEASE ensure that you read the following to ensure you send the right information:

Sending tracks

Primarily to be aired on amazing radio you MUST upload your music to amazing tunes, the stations sister website.  Unfortunately, Shell can’t playlist your tracks if they’re not on the website: even if she has received them via email. Sorry, folks – that’s the rules!

Shell’s time at the computer to listen to music is limited as she’s often out and about at gigs or interviewing bands and therefore she often listens to new music on her iPod. To strengthen your chances of being heard you are best to send her a download link with an unlimited expiry date using a facility such as Dropbox or Soundcloud in addition to uploading to amazing tunes.

It can take Shell up to two months to listen due to the level of mail that she receives and therefore, generally it’s best to send download links and press releases several months prior to the release for radio play – a short biography (a few paragraphs, at most) about the band, with some comments about the release is also very useful. But it is essential that you supply the amazing tunes link and if possible a download link with unlimited expiry. Please don’t attach MP3s or Zip files as they just clog up her email.

Shell does read every email and listen to every piece of music sent to her, however the volume of emails mean that you may not receive a reply.  Please refrain from sending follow-up or chasing emails as these just boost the volume of her inbox further.

All that read and digested? Then email away on